These SIGNS can indicate that someone is being trafficked.


PLEASE NOTE: If you suspect anything, DO NOT confront the situation/people! Call your National Human Trafficking Numbers and let the professionals deal with the situation!


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  • Commercial (Money-making) Sex Acts under the age of 18
  • Bonded in Debt – work to pay of a debt
  • Forced / Child Marriages



  • Tattoos (branding displaying the ownership of the trafficker)
  • Physical signs of abuse
  • Hunger, malnourishment
  • Inappropriate dress
  • Signs of Drug Abuse
  • Sudden change in attire (clothing), behaviour (how they act) & possessions
  • Boyfriend” / “Girlfriend” who is noticeably older and/or controlling

domestic violence


  • Don’t speak for themselves
  • Coached / Rehearsed responses to questions
  • Makes no eye contact
  • Not free to go / leave by themselves
  • Do not control their own money
  • Living in Fear
  • Has a pimp
  • Work excessively long / unusual hours
  • Not allowed breaks / unusual restrictions
  • Psychological issues (Mental problems)
  • Frequently running away from home
  • Inability to attend school on a regular basis / unexplained absences
  • References made to frequent travel to other cities
  • Withdrawn behaviour, depression, anxiety & fear
  • Uncharacteristic promiscuity (wanton/ immoral behaviour) / references to sexual situations / terminology (vocabulary) beyond age-appropriate norms
  • Symptoms of anger, panic, phobia (terror), irritability (touchiness), frequent crying, temper tantrums, clinging behaviour
  • Symptoms of daydreaming, inability to bond with others, inattentive, forgetfulness and/or shyness
  • Checking in at a hotel with no luggage or sneaking into a hotel through a side door



  • No Identification documentation (ID or passport) – usually held by the traffickers
  • Few / No personal items

child abuse 1


  • High Security
  • Unusual comings / goings at a place
  • Living at workplace / with employer
  • Housed with multiple people
    (cramped living space)

lock and chain